What is Programmatic Media Buying?

It is the process of buying online behavioral data on audience segments.  Then reaching that audience through an ad campaign on websites they are visiting.  This digital audience data and online ad inventory can be purchased by Patriot Interactive.

Let’s say your business wants to target Women 24-54 within Connecticut on their mobile phones and computers.  We would go to one of our private ad exchanges to purchase both the data Women 25-54 (audience segment) and the publisher ad inventory (Ad Impressions) from the Publisher websites.  Any publisher website that is deemed brand safe will list their ad inventory on a premium ad exchange for us to purchase.  This inventory is purchased on a cost per thousand ad impressions (ad views). The rate is termed CPM.

The entire process outlined above is done automatically on a private ad exchange.  This is essentially what Programmatic Media Buying has become and it can be a very efficient way to reach your target customers online.

Are you wondering how this is all possible? All of those “free” Apps on your smartphone and “free” Websites that you visit are always tracking your location and the content you read.  This data is compiled by data mining companies to build audience segments and sold to the highest bidder on a variety of advertising exchanges.

Many of our clients know they need to shift marketing dollars into the digital and social media space because that is where their target audience is consuming content.  Businesses come to Patriot Interactive to produce the best return on their marketing investment.