Traditional Media Services

You will want an ad agency that has experience in buying both Traditional Media and Digital Media for a variety of reasons.  The days of going with an agency that “specializes” in buying certain media platforms have gone by the wayside.

A modern era ad agency is run by someone like Doug Helal (founder of Patriot Interactive) who worked at traditional media companies his entire career, but in a digital marketing capacity.  Every traditional media company has been trying to move their brands into the digital arena for years.  You will want an agency that can provide value for your business across all media platform.

If you have one agency that can efficiently buy your Traditional, Digital, and Social Media advertising, then you will see the best ROI.  Please keep in mind that just because an agency knows how to buy these advertising mediums, doesn’t mean they are getting you the most value.

Agencies like Patriot Interactive perform a complimentary audit for active or past advertising schedules.  We will evaluate every marketing strategy in detail to find out what can be optimized for better performance.

Knowing when and how to buy traditional media is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign.  There is a balance between traditional and digital marketing that needs to be executed properly in order to reach your full target audience.

If you have a “traditional” ad agency doing your traditional media buying, it may be a good idea to see what a “digital first” ad agency can bring to the table.

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