Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This practice is more commonly referred to as “SEM”, “Pay-Per-Click” or “Paid Search”. When someone is doing research in Google, they are looking for specific products or services. This person will type in certain Keywords to populate relevant search results. There are only 10 listings available on the first page.  If your website is not coming up when you search for your products or services, then SEM could be a good fit.

We can buy the top search result when someone is typing in a Keyword relevant to your business. This is what SEM is all about. We do all the Keyword research to target people looking for your products or services in a certain geography. Our team then will start to purchase clicks (web traffic) to your website from people who are using search engines like Google.

An SEM plan will be based off certain Keyword search volumes coupled with the target geography that you are looking to reach people in.  We will optimize to purchase the best performing Keywords in terms of conversions on your website. This way, we are sending the most qualified traffic to your website while eliminating waste.

If you are looking for a local team with an evolving approach for SEM, then our agency is a great fit for your business!

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