Paid Social Media & PR

Social Media is an area where people are constantly spending more hours throughout their day on their smartphones.  Understanding how to establish your brand and reach your audience on Social Media can seem like a challenging task. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are all valuable social media platforms for your brand when used properly.

These platforms have become the new Public Relations hub to reach the masses across any demographic.  Curating the right content can be very important to growing and retaining your business’s market share.

Patriot Interactive takes a hands-on approach whether you need someone to post content daily on all your social platforms or if you need an agency to manage your Social Media advertising campaigns.  Not all social platforms make sense for a business. You don’t want to waste time reaching people who are not in the market for your products or services.

It is important to have a presence across Social Media. Knowing how much time and money to invest can be difficult.  It has become drastically more important to have your social marketing handled by an experienced agency, like Patriot Interactive.

We provide full reputation management across Social Media.  We can handle everything from Posting content on Facebook to writing Press Releases.